Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Suite Life Face Lift- Moving to So Work Week Chic

(photo from pintrest)
I am happy to that Suite Life has had a facelift It is hard to say goodbye to a blog I've loved for so long but after think about it for a while now I think that we have grown in a fabulous new direction. “Suite Life” was my first “blog”, and from there, I soon discovered other personal blogs and it opened my eyes to a brand new world of fashion and fun.  Don’t worry the content and spirit is moving over with us.  I am excited about the new direction that we are going and I think “So Work Week Chic” is exactly the blog that will take us on the fashion journey we are looking for.  This blog is about work fashion, inspiration, fitness, families and fun, so come along for the ride, inspire others with your career smart fashion finds and become So Work Week Chic! Thank you all for following me and I look forward to reading your comments and recieving you Work Week Chic pics and pins. 

Monday, April 29, 2013

Not So Ordinary Black Dress

On a rainy day do you usually pull out an ordinary black or grey dress?  Sometimes I feel like doing the same thing and then I do one of the following things:
  1. Add a bright blazer or cardigan
  2. Make a statement with jewelry
  3. Put on a hot hue shoe
What do you do to make a not so ordinary statement? 

Thursday, April 25, 2013


Ey y'all!  I'm Kelley from kdairies.com.  Thanks for letting me butt in to Shawna's blog for a minute and share the love of my life with you: Ok here it comes, the love of my fashion life is.... Black Blazers!  Yep, you read that right.  They seem like such a simple thing in the world, no?  Well I'm here to proclaim that they are not simple, and I do, in fact, have an obsession with them.  Black blazers are the most amazing thing I have in my wardrobe, and you wanna know why?  Because they cover everything I don't want to show (::ahem:: ARMS), they nip in at my favorite area (waist!), and flare out to cover a second area I prefer to hide (hello, muffin tops!).  
Still trying to master the selfie (and that bogus ballerina bun I'm wearing). My black blazers got me through pregnancy in a formal office setting.  I love their sweet lapels of varying shapes, and the definition given to my shoulders.  Yeah it's official, I am in love with black blazers.  I have alllll different kinds.  Ones with pointy shoulders (I'm kiiiiind of Kardashian-obsessed!), ones with leather details, long blazers, short blazers, boy-cut blazers, tuxedo blazers, stretchy blazers, plain blazers, cheap blazers, expensive blazers, and of course, different SIZED blazers (because let me tell you people the last five years have done a NUMBER on the sizing you can find in my wardrobe.)  Get it?  number?  AH.
This is me and mah girl Belle.  She's my fav.  And I just noticed that I'm allllmost rocking an ombre hair thing in this pic.  Who knew months of no hair care could do that? 

I had to put this picture at the end because, I mean if I put it in the beginning   you 'd take one look at me and think I was nuts, wouldn't you?
Shawna's trying to teach me to pose like a fashion blogger (she's so GOOD at it, don't you agree!?)  Clearly I have a LOT left to learn.
So what do you guys think?  Am I too into the black blazer?  Too much of a crutch?  Should I bust out my single white blazer for summer?  Ooooh or what about like neon blazers?  I've got it bad, I need HELP!  

Kelley is a lifestyle/mommy/fashion/beauty/whatever-she-feels-like blogger over at Kdiaries.com.  When she's not blogging she's running around after her nearly one-year-old daughter, teaching group exercise, or working on Femworking, the business and blogger networking group she co-founded in early 2013.  She'd love it if you checked her out and let her know what you think of her lil' ole blog!

Monday, April 8, 2013


Our Coffee Talk for March highlights the hilarious creator of www.storygirlpress.com and co-founder of Femworking, Amy Strauss.  Along with Kelly Sanabria, Amy created Femworking an encouraging business-to-blogger networking group for women that I happen to be a proud member of and I have to say it is one of the best business groups I have had the chance to be a part of.  Here is what Amy had to share about dressing for her day job in DC. Thank you to Brenda from Precious Wisdom Photograpy for capturing her Suite Style.

So Amy, please tell our readers a bit more about you and Femworking?

Femworking  a business-to-blogger networking group for women.  We are each other’s mini consultants and force multipliers. I also have an indie-publishing company, Story Girl Press, and I’ve seen it grow so much from the support of my fellow Femworkers. We publish what I call “E-books with a bad attitude,” and from the get go the girls really understood my brand and were so supportive. Beyond Story Girl, it is really amazing the connections the girls are making—watching their projects grow is so inspirational. And of course, each meeting we have together is a mini fashion show, we love dressing up for each other.

Tell us a bit about your work style?

Out of necessity I’m pretty conservative. As a young, female professional, you don’t get a large margin of error working in DC. I noticed early on in my career if wore a suit I got more respect at work.  It wasn’t hard letting go of the bright colors, and flirty blouses and skirts, because I just transitioned those outfits to my weekend wear.  Women express their emotions through how we dress, and I think it’s difficult for us to adopt a more severe “uniform” of a suit.  For me, the suit has become my armor.

Where  do you do your shopping?

I’m a Midwestern girl, so Nordstroms is my end-all-be-all for shopping.  I go with my girlfriend, Nesanet, and we start at the very top with lunch at the CafĂ©, and then we work our way down every floor.  Yes, I realize I sound about 70 years old, but we love it.  They have the brands I like and the most amazing customer service.

Who are your at-work style inspirations?

Remember when Romy and Michelle get dressed up as “serious businesswomen?” I love that part of the movie and it’s totally how I see myself at work. I really wish there were more options for that type of style.  A lot of what I see in department stores and magazines is great if you work at a fashion magazine, but unfortunately for the rest of us we need more conservative options.

Favorite labels?

Theory is great for suits, and I also love Jcrew.  Those are the two brands that fit me almost perfectly off the rack. Under my suits I wear Lululemon tops. It’s such a great tip I got from one of my girlfriends. The shirts come in great colors and don’t pill. So I can wash them over and over again and they hold up.  

Any other style tips?

A great tailor is the working women’s gift from god. Stephen the Tailor in Foggy Bottom is really good, I take almost everything there.

Check out Amy’s Handles:

Twitter: @Femworking @Story Girl Press
 Website: www.femworking.com

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Dress Down Your Suit With A Tee

If you are searching for a more casual take on the suited look, try adding a fun  t-shirt.   Stopitrightnow.com got it right when they paired this navy ZARA suit with this bold statement tee. They continued their pairing genius when they applied their favorite prints from last year's fashion show to a few of their favorite things like these skate boards and this little doggie tee. How cute and innovative! Who says having to where a suit has to be stuffy. 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Trend Translation: Americana

 Trend Translation:

The Americana trend is hot this spring and summer season. It embraces anything that reminds you of America, from the patriotic colors of the flag to faded denim. We have seen this trend pulled off using Navajo prints or iconic looks for the 50’s, taking us back to a time in American history where we were all so proud to be an American. Every time I done the red, white and blue as I did for this post, I must say that I get a bit nostalgic. I picked up this Micheal Kors Wrap dress at Marshalls on sale for $49 here it is at Nordstroms. So get inspired by this trend and pull out your best Americana pieces. Show them your job that you are proud to be an AMERICAN and So Work Week Chic!

Get This Look:
Dress Micheal Kors (same)
Blazer: Thrifted
Pumps: ZARA (similar)
Necklace: Forever 21 (similar)

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Winter Celebrities Essentials

See what SuiteLife Essentials celebrities just couldn't go with out this season:

  • Soft Pastels- Olivia Palermo stays warm in pale ruffled pastel and lace.
  • Berry Colors- Emma Watson warms the brisk day in winter white, faux fur and a berry delightful blazer.
  • Printed PantsOlivia Palermo prances around in spring florals printed pants, bright blouse and basic blazer.
You can not go wrong with any of these picks. So pick one up and rock your Celebrity Suite style!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Suite Decor: The Brooklyn Home Company

This fabulous 5th Street town-home makeover has graced the pages of Lucky, Food & Wine and New York magazine.  The Brooklyn Home Company (TBCHO) completely gutted this 4 story duplex in Park slope. This monochromatic look mixed with organic elements is chic and tranquil. It is like a sea of white, almost cloud like. The windows fill the room with light and make the space feel so much large. To make the best use of the space TBCHO added a library ladder that leads to an extra lofted guest room in the sky.  The original beams were discovered behind the drop during demolition.  What a find!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Signature "One of the Kind" Style: Career Smart

Diet Pepper is running a Whats Your "One of a Kind" Style Sweepstakes and I thought, Wow, what a great idea!  

Thinking about your signature style is productive question to ask yourself, especially for work.  Branding is an important part of how others perceive you.  Many people will say that they don't care what other people think of the way they dress however the wonder why they have been passed over for the last 2 promotion opportunities.  Self-promotion and being put together matters!  If you have a good sense of who you are it should show through the way you work and put yourself together. Investing time in your appearance tells people that you care.  

Who would rather have on you team on a big project? Who do you think your boss would rather give the project to:

Did you notice that when thinking very quickly, we did factor in  intelligence, age or seniority. It has to do with perception. You can not control what factors that others will use to make judgement call about you or your work but you can reduce the opportunity to make your messy appearance a factor.  If you find your self relating to the first photo more then the second or you question if your wardrobe is keeping you from getting asked to participate in the bigger projects, then take a note from SuiteLife and Mothers Who Work to get you on the right track:
  • Invest in a seasonal capsule wardrobe, which you can rotate on a weekly basis. It should include at least:
    1. one suit jacket/blazer;
    2. two skirts (preferably pencil or skater);
    3. one shift dress; one pair of wide-leg trousers (the strides du jour);
    4. a pair of tailored shorts (they look sleek with opaques); and
    5. three to four interchangeable blouses.
  • Experiment with textures and colours. A cropped blazer or tweed jacket will jazz up a cheap pair of black trousers, while a burnt-orange blouse will brighten up a navy skirt suit.
  • Accessorise sparingly. There’s no place for multiple rings and the heavy gold chains of the 80's in the office. Opt for one statement piece per outfit, like a necklace, a ring, dual-purpose gems – like a bracelet watch – and a pair of fuss-free stud earrings to be taken seriously.
  • Spend time putting a look together the night before. A well thought-out ensemble reveals a lot about the individual. Not only does it say you take pride in your appearance, but it’s also transferable to your work ethic. And it’ll ensure you clock in on time too!
  • Splurge on bags. Designers have taken a vested interest in boardroom accessories. Both Target and a Louis Vuitton’s iPad case, they offer the epitome of corporate chic while Michael Kors luxurious MacBook sleeve doubles up as a cute clutch to take you seamlessly from desk to drinks.
  • Make time for grooming. A daily blow-dry may be beyond your budget, but washed hair and clean, buffed nails are a must.

My signature style is Career Smart!  My schedule and life is packed full of fun and different activities, so I need to know that my clothing is versatile enough for work and play.  It doesn't' matter if I am at work or at my sons school, I do not want my appearance to hinder my ability to participate at a greater level!  Let your one of a kind style work to your advantage. Let people get the chance to know who you are through your one of a kind style!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

CSMH: Printed Scarf

Career Smart Must Have:
Printed Scarf

If you tend to wear dark or neutral colors in the fall/winter, like I do, think about brightening them up with a printed scarf. It can add some needed color, warmth and texture. Check out some of the scarf options below.

(Scarf 1)  (Scarf 2)  (Scarf 3)   (Scarf 4)