Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Prints Gone Wild

I love how this season prints have gone wild!  The color combinations of brown and black animal prints have been brought to life with vibrant pops of color.  Take some of your brown or black foundational basics and add a few bright pieces like this transparent boho chic top that I picked up for TJ Maxx for $16 and $6 cobalt belt from H&M.  How have you gone wild with prints this year?


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

SL: Think Outside The Cube- Greenery

1. $28 at Anthropologie
2.$40 at ProPlants
3. $9.95 at Crate and Barrel
4.$18 at Anthropologie 

When you can't get out of the office, having greenery inside reminds us that there’s life outside the cube. Add some fresh flowers in a trendy vases or you can also get a low maintenance succulent to keep around. If you have a brown vs. a green thumb try a super low maintenance go plastic or add a coral.  If you are not into the greenery, add some color with wall art, a colorful desk lamp, or a wall calendar. What will you use to spruce up your workspace?


This weather can't make up it's mind so I can make up mine either. I wore this structured work blazer with this casual outfit. It was comfortable and professional so I feel like it was a win-win for everyone. I also got the chance to wear my bogo boots from Payless that I got at a steal $14. The open toe boot concepts seems to fit perfect with the outfit and sense they too has a bit of a split personality it worked out.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Coffee Talk: Rita Hollins

I have the fantastic opportunity of working with Rita Hollins and she is dressed to the nines every time I see her. Her career smart wardrobe is edgy and chic. She looks powerful and her outfits look expensive, so I spoke with her about her look and asked her to share how to incorporate your personal style at work?

S/L:  How would you describe your personal (Suite) style? 
Rita: Well I’ve never titled my style because I just like what I like.  I like your description of “edgy-chic”!  I’m conservative by  nature but I love to weave elements of edge and glam  throughout my ensembles. 

S/L:   What tips can you share about how to incorporate your personal style at work? 
Rita:  I would first recommend that a person first know the “rules” of professional dress.  As in art and fashion, you must first know the rules before you can break them.  Observe the unwritten rules of professional dress at your job too.   There’s nothing worst than not becoming familiar with their fashion surroundings!

S/L:  You always look so accessorized and pulled together, what tips can you share about how to pull a look together with accessories?
Rita:  For me accessories bring any ensemble together (no matter how expensive or thrift).  I like to accessorize to the max, and then edit myself.  Never over accessorize (remember OG – “Over Gold”) it will cheapen any look…again know fashion rules…I can tell when they’re broken on purpose or when a person is not educated in the ways of fashion.  Read quality magazines, find fashion mentors, know what colors and styles look good on you.

S/L: Where did you shop to pull you look together?
Rita: Oh I shop everywhere!  Thrift or consignment stores to all the major department stores and Target, JC Penney’s and even Sears!

S/L: What advice can you share about looking expensive without breaking the bank?
Rita:  Thrift or consignment stores are the way to go!  Some are expensive because of the designers they sell but others are pretty reasonable.  As we do in our professions, it never hurts to network with those fashionistas we like and respect.  Shawna and I do it all the time!

How To Dress For The Job You Want:

Check out these tips from Marie Claire about how to dress for the job you want:
Promotion vs. Demotion
Tailored shirts with stretch—fitted looks more feminine
Express your personality through shoes—an element of style you can have fun with. Have your tailor put a hook-and-eye inside the bust of your button-down to keep your bra hidden
Linen—no matter how gorgeous or expensive, by the end of the day, it's a wrinkled mess. Camisoles, spandex, and cropped tops. These are for weekends only. Wearing bright colors—you'll stand out at the Stock Exchange, and not in a good way.
THE GOAL: "Like their male colleagues, women need great-looking go-to suits and several pairs of killer classic shoes."
THE MUST-HAVES: "Three good suits—black, gray, and brown—off the rack that a tailor can make into great suits. Pay special attention to fit, fabric, and sleeve-cuff length: When your arm is straight down, the cuff should stop between your wrist bone and the top of your hand. And a quality watch—nothing too flashy."
DRESS FOR SUCCESS: "Get measured by a tailor, and then seek out designers who cut for your body—Tahari works well for petite frames like mine. Since your work wardrobe doesn't have to be this season, scour the outlets."
FINISH THE LOOK: "Keep makeup simple and natural. I usually just wear a watch, an elegant necklace, and pearl studs—no big statement pieces. You want people to notice you, not your jewelry."
 Art vs. Tart

Search flea markets, vintage and thrift shops, and Mom's—and Grandma's!—attic and jewelry box
Have a go-to LBD you can dress up or down—mine's an '80s Ala├»a.  As Coco Chanel decreed, when you're all finished getting dressed, take one thing off.  Wear metallic shoes—they function like neutrals but are more interesting than black.
DON'TS: Being scared of prints, or mixing prints; in the art world, eclectic is good. Avoiding the '70s. I love that era's flair—it's such a distinct style reference. Copying a look exactly—you have to make it your own, organically.
HAVES: "Bold prints, oversize belts, statement accessories. Something that expresses your imagination."
THE GOAL: "When we're trying to recruit important or upcoming artists, it's crucial to represent the gallery. Of course, no one shows up in an avant-garde tutu—it's still a job, not a fashion show."
THE MUST-HAVES: "Bold prints, oversize belts, statement accessories. Something that expresses your imagination."
DRESS FOR SUCCESS: "I have hundreds of dresses and tons of shoes, and every day I look forward to putting together my outfit. I play around with different colors and textures just like a painter does. If you have fun getting dressed, it will show in your outfit."
FINISH THE LOOK: "I wear a lot of jewelry—like, four to six rings at a time. And I love a retro feel, so I work that in with bags and shoes.
Sale vs. Fail
Constant maintenance of shoes, manicure, roots (if you color your hair). Fitted, not tight, silhouettes; conservative length and shapes for skirts and pants (you can sell palazzos, but not wear them!). Jackets in striking colors.
Low-cut or see-through blouses, booty- licious pants or minis. Visible bra straps or thong (obviously!). Open-toed, strappy  sandals or stilettos—they look silly with a hard hat.
THE GOAL: "If you're showing people beautiful properties all day, aesthetics are obviously important. Your clothes signal to clients that they can trust your taste. That said, real-estate development is so male-dominated that women have to work harder to be taken seriously. Dress in a way that's distracting and you become easy to dismiss."
THE MUST-HAVES: "A charcoal, black, or navy suit with a single pop of color—it's classic, with a twist. I'm an urban nomad, chasing taxis and navigating construction sites, so my shoes have to hold up. I live in these black Louboutins because they're not too high. And as I work 12-plus-hour days, I always slip on the Oscar de la Renta flats between appointments."
DRESS FOR SUCCESS: "When you're starting out and don't have a lot to spend, invest in a few fantastic designer pieces you can mix and match. With a starter suit from maybe Theory in charcoal gray or black—and matching skirt and pants for more mileage—you can still afford to go a little crazy with camisoles and colorful accessories from H&M."

Seeing Stripes

On this sunny day I was seeing stripes like Michael Kors! Everything striped is in for spring and if you are going for a casual chic look, pick stripes every time. I accented this striped shirt and chunky black and white necklace from H&M with pops of red to run around town to do some errands. How will you wear stripes this season?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Trend Watch for Spring

Keep your eyes peeled for these hot trends for the Spring. I hope to see how you will use some of these trend to bring your work wear alive:
  1. Animal (birds) Prints
  2. Pastels Everywhere
  3. Peplum Silhouettes
  4. Baroque Flourishes
  5. Drop Waistlines
  6. Deep Sea and or Sporty Styles
  7. Digital Images
  8. Midsection and Body Parts Showings
  9. Matte Satin Fabrics
  10. Abstract Art

SL: Purple Haze

In a paisley purple haze today, enjoying this great weather. I have decided that I will still dress in layers because it is not warm enough to go without a coat but to warm to wear one all day.  So hear I am warm and toasty with my scarf, tights and blazer, just how I like it. I am happy to see that this great fall purple is being brought into spring this year by paring it with a pail shades of lavender. I cant wait to give that pairing a shot. How will you mix up purple this spring?

Monday, March 19, 2012

Color Watch: Purple

Thanks to  designers like Prabal Gurung, Richard Chai and Rage & Bone we are taking Purple into the spring. Whether it was inspired by the royal wedding or all of the floral prints of the season we are happy to see it stay. Its vast array of shades and strong hue will make it a great staple color for many women who would prefer not to dress in head to toe pastel this season.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Calling Every Body Every Wear: Green

I was siked when I saw the everybody every wear challenge because I got to pair a few of my new items with an old classic. I have worn this white suite a few times (as seen here and here) but this time I paired it with this green New York & Company blouse and black Alfani ruffled skirt that I pick up on sale from Macy's for $15. Macy has had a few good sales lately. I also was able to pick up this Anne Klein heavy metal statement necklace from Macy's for 25% off. Go Macy's!


Calling Every Body Every Wear: Red + Pink

I know I am super late on this post but as I was taking this weeks challenge I realized that I never posted my pictures from the last Everybody Every Wear Challenge. The challenge was to wear pink and red together. Two years ago that would have been a fashion don't but times they are a changing and pink and red suddenly seem to go famously together.  You know you can tell when a trend has really caught on when you see men wearing it to. So don't be afraid to pull out your LRD (Little Red Dress) and add some pink!


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Trend Translation: Coat + Contrasting Belt

The Trend of the Day:
  Coat + Contrasting Belt 

If you are looking for a way to pop up an everyday suit, try adding a contrasting belt to your coat or blazer.  I just fell in love with the Burberry Prorsum 2012 Fall/ Winter contrasting belted coats and bow details, so of course I had to put my spin on it. I chose not to include the very cute yellow bow detail in this trend translation because I wore this indoors and needed for people to take me seriously in meetings however I was able to use my mustard H&M belt to get the same vibe. You too can get this look but taking any blazer or dress and throwing on a contrasting belt.  It is just the added pop you need to update an otherwise plain outfit. I can't wait to read your emails to hear and see how you are translating Burberry's line this year.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Soft & Simple

I have been wearing a lot of dresses lately so I decided to wear something soft and simple. I drew on Julianne Moore’s look in some of Talbot’s fall/ winter 2011 tear sheets. The whole line was simple and classic.

To get this look start with a basic black framework, I chose a pair of black skinnies from Dots and then begin layering in the softness with a soft, textured sweater. I chose this one from Old Navy and just added a belt and some boots to tie the look together. You  will feel comfy and look pulled together.  What pieces do gravitate to when you are going for a soft and simple aesthetic?

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

SL Essential: Spring Pieces

Looking at which career smart pieces you need to purchase or pull out this spring, check out New York & Co. 10 work essentials. I have also listed some more affordable options:
1.       The blow tie shell or top (similar) (similar)
2.       The printed blouse (similar) (similar)
3.       The bright pencil skirt (similar) (similar)
4.       The bright jacket  (similar) (similar)
5.       The versatile shirt dress (similar) (similar)
6.       The button front shirt (similar) (similar)
7.       The cardigan (similar) (similar)
8.       The cropped pant (similar) (similar)
9.       The perfect trench (similar) (similar)
10.     The b/w bag (similar) (similar)