Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Surfing the Waves at Work

Work Wear Wednesday is back and this is a Christine from Work It. As you can surely see Christine did work the whole summer wave vibe this past week, both with her island inspired attire and her sun kissed wavy hair. What career smart look will you pull of this summer?

Blouse: TJ Maxx

Skirt: H&M  Shoes: DSW

Birthday Bond- Bond 45 That Is

I had such a fantastic time for my birthday celebration at Bond 45 on the National Harbor. My husband Lorenzo is so cute he made sure to make it an event.  Most of the trip I wasn’t allowed to bring my phone so I had to rely on the photos of others but the night was too good not to share. Here are a few pic that he took of me and my mom before we left. I this is one of my favorite thrifted finds. I picked this baby up for this very occasion earlier in the year for $15 at the Salvation Army. It still had  the tags on it form Nordstrom’s and let’s just say I saved well over $100.  I picked up the heals in Vegas last year and the earring are from the  Banana Republic Outlet.

Well after the photos we were off to the National Harbor and the Chesapeake Orchestra was playing before the sunset. It was such a perfect day.

It was such a nostalgic venue, with its pub like feel and its old world opulence. Even though the menu and the venue was  defiantly upper echelon the casual dress code and comfortable environment just made you feel at ease.

Lorenzo arranged for us to sit in their atrium so that we could see the sunset and we had the Lobster Surf & Turf with Filet Minot and my husband had the T-bone steak, artichokes, asparagus, jalapenos and potatoes. We finished of the dinner with a cappuccino and the largest piece of tiramisu I had ever had.  Bond 45 has a little outdoor patio where you can take breather so we just relaxed for a moment and took it all in while listening to the local singers swoon away.

When it seemed the night couldn’t get any better, Ren took me down to walk on the peir and all the sudden their was a huge fire work disply at the Gaylord hotel.  He siad that he arranged it all for me, the orchistra, the sunset and the foreworks. He is so silly I know he didn’t but it was sure was a great planning job.  If you want to have a night like mine during the summer the National Harbor does fireworks evety Saturday night around 9:30 after sunset. The also show free movies and have lots of entertainment for the summer check out this website so that you to can enjoy their great summer nights. As for us, we just walked at lettle more and sat down on the peir together, it was a perfect evening.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Michelle Obama Monday: Now That is How You Sing the Blues

President Obama and the first lady attended a star studded campaign fund raiser at the Manhattan home of actor Sarah Jessica Parker earlier this month where elite celebrities rallied together in support for our future. The night seemed to be a success based on the amount raised and so was the navy cocktail dress that Mrs. O wore to match her husband. It was really the wide studded belt and her turquoise and gold accessories that glammed the look up. Go Mrs. O.
I think I will have to see if I can do a remix this summer with those colors too. Keep an eye out for it. 

Navy + Turquoise + Gold= Stunning

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Minty Fresh Color Combos

I received another request from one of my Suites. The reader asked if I could come up with a couple ideas on how she could wear her 2 toned mint coach bag this season. She was struggling with finding a color combo that would work. 

So of course I jumped at the chance free a great mint bag from a dark closet.  Luckily mint is one of the trendiest colors of the season there are just so many options.  Even though you may see a trend everywhere it is quite common not to understand how you can wear it.  If you find yourself in that situation don’t hesitate to Google some inspiration. Just type in what color you would like to see mixed and look under Google images and there will some pictures to help you on your way or you can continue to send your questions to me (  I love providing fashion insight and inspiration to my Suities so keep the questions coming.

If you are trying to spice up your mint look lis season, here are some great color combos to try:

  • Mint & Coral

  • Mint & Mustard

  • Mint, Grey & Peach

Friday, June 22, 2012

W2W: What to Wear When Attending a Baseball Game After Work

It's 9:00 at night and you get a text from a friend saying that they have some extra tickets to a baseball game tomorrow but the game right after work so you will have go directly there. What will you wear? No fret ladies here are a few tips that I used when attending a National game straight from work this week:

  • Go for tailored and casual look- Adding a few tailored pieces like a jacket or white button up to your more casual pieces look like a million bucks just like
    Maria Shriver and daughters Katherine and Christina Schwarzenegger
  • Consider the elements- Bring your sunnies like Demi Moore. If your outfit is generally casual, add a jacket and closed toe shoe to polish off your look and make it appropriate for the office. Then depending on the weather outside you can adapt you accessories to match your surroundings.
  • Wear shoes that can go the distance- The day time look should have a shoe gives your look a more professional appearance. Then when selecting a pair for the game, keep the environment mind like Selena Gomez. You could be walking on grass or in a stadium with stairs. You may be also standing a lot so make sure they are comfortable.
  • Layer up- Adding layers like Kelly Ripka will give you the versatility you may need when attending and outdoor game.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

TT: Blue Print

Trend Translation:
Blue Print

We are seeing blue print everywhere this spring so stay cool in in a blue floral or patchwork print.  Here are a few career smart women to show us how to wear these bold prints to work. Nicole, a leader in the Safety field pairs her blue print top with smart strappy sandals, while Stephanie a career smart recruiter sports it in a great shift dress. How will you wear blue this season?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Michelle Obama Mondays: Join Mrs. O in Being Easy Breezy in White

Whether they are wide leg pants, white jeans or shorts, pull out you white pants ladies. They are great for any occasion, just join in with Mrs. O and Emma Thompson in wearing their easy breezy wide legs, or join Jessica Alba in head to toe white on a shopping trip. If you don't want to wear white  head to toe just pull on a bright over sizedT-shirt with some  
white chinos. Either way you look crisp and comfy.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Father's Day

I just had a great Father's Day event motivated by a post on We just had a Barbecue and Beverage Tasting event, where each household created a barbecue sauce that we tested on our home cooked pulled pork, shredded chicken hot sausage and barbecue ribs. My sister's team won the bragging rights for the best sauce. We used labels like these on the blind summer beer tasting (and also a non-alcoholic beverage tasting) featuring all of the dad's in attendance with their children.  It was a blast but the best part was watching my husband open his homemade gift baskets with personalized daddy labels.  Going through those old pictures was a blast from the past and my kids loved creating our own secret barbecue sauce from scratch together.  The photos were so nostalgic and the food was great! We had such a blast! What did you do for your daddy?

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Michelle Mondays: Soft Serve Look with a Sweet Message

Now this is a versatile outfit!  Look how she moves from the bakery to the stage.  Here outfit is right on trend, with yummy soft serve tones and a feminine cut. Here is Michelle Obama as she visited a local VA bakery (Mom's Apple Pie Bakery) for a few pies and some wine. While she waited she listened to the local talent of a young violinist after she gave a supportive and strong speech moments earlier.  In her speech she was reassuring saying that even now we can have decent life and and even better one for our kids. I believe her. God is Good All the Time!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Soft Serve

My heart filled with delight when I stumbled upon these delicious delights from H&M. If you want to look like a   turquoise dream and as sweet as cotton candy or lemon sorbet, then look no further then H&M latest soft, subtle spring line. But pick them up quick, you know how H&M likes to change their offerings, so they won't be available long.  Here are the links to a few of the items that are still available:

Picture 1. Skirt
Picture 2Top & Skirt
Picture 3Top
Picture 4Top & Skirt
Picture 5. N/A