Friday, September 30, 2011

What to wear to a leadership simulcast or a training event?

I am super excited because I have a jam packed week of learning ahead of me. Today I attended an Entreleadership simulcast given by Dave Ramsey, based off his new bestseller and next week I will be at a workshop at Cornell!  I am happy to report that I have returned excited and eager to serve you with fabulous new ideas, but the question this morning was what does one wear to a leadership simulcast or a training event anyway? Here are a few tips to follow when planning to attend a training event:

  1. Keep it clean and classy
  2. Dress like you are a student, in this case a student of leadership, you never know who will be in the room you may find a protege or a mentor
  3. Remember why you are there: to learn and network.. not to be in competition, so don't dress so crazy that you complete with the message
  4. Keep accessories simple, the temperature changes so frequently that you will be taking your jacket on and off and you don't want jewelery to get caught on you jacket or name tag.
I kept it simple by adding this color blocked silver and black necklace that I got for $8.80 from forever 21 and to be honest I like how it worked out. I felt pulled together and professional. What do you think?

Put a Little Prep in Your Step

Preppy is back in style so pull out your loafer ladies. I got these high heeled loafers at Charlotte Russe. Kakis always work well with a white shirt, so to pull this look together pull you hair back, add your favorite cardigan and a printed scarf. Refine it with some pearls and preppy glasses.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Asos Fall Favoriteties

Description: Description:

Thanks to we have some fantastic finds from Asos.  Asos has been on my radar for a while now thanks to LyddieGal from but who knew their clearance section was so plentyful.  Here are some favoritety finds:
Description: Description:

1 - Jet Pocket Slim Cropped Pants - $36.59 (Orig. $69.52)
2 - A|Wear Angel Top - $27.44  (Orig. $54.89)
3 - Vero Moda Layered Chiffon Top - $21.95 (Orig. $36.59)
4 - Belted Kimono Top - $16.47 (Orig. $40.25)
5 - Smudge Floral Button Back Trapeze Top - $32.93 (Orig. $54.89)
6 - Exposed Zip Back Ponti Pencil Skirt - $27.44 (Orig. $54.89)

Have you ever shopped at Asos? What is your favorite pick? Leave your thoughts below.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dont Be Shy- Pull Out the Bright Peices

Does the weather still having you feeling grey like me? Pull out the bright peices. Don't be shy-you can handle the attention. The spotlight will be on the hue, so pair a bright color with a toned down neutral suit. Keep the lines crisp and simple and let the color do all the work.  

Saturday, September 24, 2011's Fall 2011 Trends!

1.    Pendants
2.    Mid skirts & dresses
3.    Chunky heeled boots
4.    70’s platforms
5.    Capes & ponchos
6.    Bellbottom flares
7.    Spicy tones
8.    Hiker boots
9.    Tie-neck blouse
10.  Faux fur
11.   Ladylike bags

Friday, September 23, 2011

Summer Staples Styled for Fall

Since today is the offical first day of fall, I starting pairing down my closet to make some room for fall and winter fashions and I was surprised how it has made getting ready for work so much easier. I began looking at my closet with new eyes. A few summer peices poped out that I want to wear once more before I pack them away, like this white eyelet dress I picked up last summer at Ross for $12.  After pairing it with this scarf and a gold cuff that I just picked up from Forever 21 for $5, I was not so sure I wanted to pack it away.  It is funny how you can transition an outfit with just a few simple accessories.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

2 Ways To Spice Up Your Nails For Fall

Trying to mix it up on a smaller scale this fall. Here are 2 new ways to paint your nails and a sneak peak at my nails this week!

Grey Days

Matching the weather, I called it a grey day. By sticking with one color, you can streamline your silhouette.  To step it up a notch I paired a Kohl's necklace and bracelet that I got for my birthday with this transparent blouse and matching cami. Whether you want to look taller or just catching the elevator try a monochromatic look.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dressing to the Maxi

Keep you maxi dresses out this fall season and pair them with a relaxed blazer and a belt to start dressing to the maxi.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fall's Hot Hues

Which of falls hot hues will make its way into your closet and into the office this season? Will it be Mustard, Colbort Blue, Rust or Green?

Mix it up

Colors, prints, fabrics and silhouettes are made to mingle so don’t be afraid to mix it up. Motivated by J.Crew, lately I have been mixing and matching traditional fall fabrics like these trousers with bright bold colors. Rust and Cobalt Blue, who knew?  By grounding the brazen color with a traditional, tailored piece like these pants by Sandro that I picked up for $15 at TJ Maxx, my outfit felt fun and not over the top. I felt funky and professional at the same time, I love that the two can coexist in one outfit.  

Shop the Look:
Pants: TJ Maxx Shirt: Gussini Shoes: Joey O
Sweater: Merona Jewlery: Claire's Purse: Ross


Saturday, September 17, 2011

J.Crew's Unmatchy Matchy Vintage Fall Ready to Wear Look

Taking a note from the unmatchy matchy vintage look of J.Crew’s fall ready to wear line don’t be afraid to integrate a bold color into one of your more transitionally fall ensembles.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


One of my young professional readers in college wrote in asking which inexpensive versatile pieces could she add to her wardrobe that could also transition to her on campus style. My response was to invest in a work suit if possible.  JC Penny’s and Kohl’s sell inexpensive separates that will work great and this is why. If you have a professional position, a suit really makes the kind of impression that you want to leave behind. According to Fast Company, the impact of a typical presentation is 55% visual (how you look), 38% vocal (how you talk), and only 7% verbal (on what you say).  In other words, you don't deliver presentations, you perform them and how you look is an important factor.

The great thing about a suit is that it be broken up to create many different on campus or work outfits.  Another great option for a more casual work  environment, is  a relaxed blazer.  Combine it with a casual shirt dress and you have an outfit that can take you from the office to the streets.(Make sure the fit of the shirt dress is appropriate for an office environment, the focus should be on your work and style not on you hemline).  I picked up this blazer from AE on sale for $29. I just added a shirt dress, a statement piece of jewelry and some blue suede pumps I got from Charlotte Russe for $15. I wore pumps but you could easily throw on some sandals for the campus look if you would like. If $30 is a little out of your price range, check out the local Salvation Army, they sometimes have blazers starting around $6. There are many affordable ways to put together a great multipurpose outfit. So get out there and put some together!

 Shop the Look:
Blazer: American Eagle Shirt Dress: Ross Pumps: Charlotte Russe
Jewelry: Lei from a Flea Market in Hawaii Purse: Coach Outlet

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Career Smart Must Haves

I am often asked what career smart pieces must a women have in their wardrobe when living the suite life? And I say start off with the basics! These career smart pieces are no big surprise however they still allude us.  Each one of these pieces done right (great condition and fit) will become the foundations of any work wardrobe:
 A classic white shirt- This item could be the most versatile piece in your wardrobe. A good classic shirt is timeless, can be worn with everything and will never go out of style.
A classic belt- it doesn’t matter if it is skinny, wide colorful or basic black. Get a belt that really fits your body type and your style. It can really take your outfit up a notch.
A great skirt- Find the style that fits your body the best.  I prefer the pencil skirt because it gives you the coverage that you want in an office setting while still making you feel like a woman.
A little black dress- this simple piece can be worn with so many things and at a moment’s notice takes you seamlessly from work to play. I prefer a solid but a print like this can be versatile as well.
A cardigan- Regardless of the style and pattern, having a cardigan is a must in workplace.  You never know temperature the office will be, plus they come in so many colors and styles.
Statement Jewelry - Weather it is earrings, necklace or a set. Everyone should own a piece that makes them look and feel amazing. Pearls are great, even if they are not real. They can bring simple elegance to any outfit.
Black pants-a great pair of black pants can last you for years. It is the staple of your wardrobe, however be careful or it can become a uniform. A great pair of heels- there are different types, heights and colors.  You are sure to find a pair that work for you. They will add height to your frame which elongates your legs and silhouette.  Not to mention they help you stand up straight and move with a more authority.
 A Power suit- This is the go-to suit that makes you feel like a million bucks, everyone should have a great fitting power suit in their wardrobe. Keep it a solid and fabric and you can mix it with many different pieces and make may outfit. Keep it within an arm’s reach you never know when you might need to take over the world. You can see here that you can easily that the blazer and pair it with jeans or another outfit.
Go through you closet right know and make sure you own all of them.  Make sure the fit and make you feel great.  In a world full of options we can easily complicate things. Let’s not forget to invest in the items that we can build on. Let's see you put together an outfit using these classic pieces email shots to and I will post a few examples of how ladies are living career smart. The above pictures were provided by Ruche and are avaiable in their fall collection.

Make a Statement with Red

Don’t you feel like a kid in a candy store in fall?  There are so many choices of colors and designer delights.  I almost can’t contain myself.  I picked these BCBG heels up at Ross last week for $23.00.  Every season there is a go to color and this fall season it seems to be red. To be honest, I think anything spicy will do. I picked this Studio I dress up for $16.99 to spice up my looks for the season.  So whether you want to make a big statement by wearing it head to toe or just spice up an outfit for fall by adding just a pop of color through a red belt or shoes. Here’s my first red look for season.

Shop this Look:
Dress: Sudio I  Shoes: BCBG Jacket: Jessica Howard
Belt: H&M  Jewlery: Macys