Saturday, December 31, 2011

Exciting Get Away

As a Christmas present for my husband this year I wisked Lorenzo away to the Gaylord Hotel at the National Harbor. Here I am looking a the water show in before going up to Pose ther private ultra lounge.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Friends

Sorry that I have been away for the holidays but they have been jammed packed. I have missed you all and I thought I would share my running around town and meeting new friends outfit? This was the comfortable outfit I wore when meeting a few new friends at the Kennedy Homeless Shelter. I love this scarf from Forever 21 and bag from United Colors of Benetton.  We spent a few hours listening to a sermon, singing Christmas carols and eating cookies together. It was a nice evening, we got to meet a bunch of great people and I got to try out my side ponytail.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Its a Wrap: A Creative and Eco Friendly One

Looking to wrap some last minute gifts but falling short on holiday paper? Instead on running to the store get creative and eco friendly by finding things around the house to use as gift wrap. They are free and good for the planet, check out these easy gift wrapping ideas:

Recycled Gift Wrap:
1. Newspaper-(comics for the kids, fashion for the fashionistas, cooking for foodies)
2. Crochet or knit a bag- then they can wear all year
3. Fabric- Use an shirt you no longer wear
4. Tin cans or Aluminum foil- looking for something shiny look no further than your kitchen
5. Paper grocery bags- you can weave them or color them any kind of way
6. Baskets
7. Glass jars- tie a bow around them and they are perfect
8. Scarves or Mittens- if you have a small gift and only one mitten they make a perfect match
9. Children’s Art Work- Send one of your favorite pieces from thorough out the year to show off the kids artwork
10. Gift Bags- tear and mix up patterns from gift bags received throughout the year

If would like to purchase something but want to save a tree go to Etsy for these cute eco friendly bags or you want to see pictures of some the gift wrapping ideas click here.

Baby its Cold Outside

Even though it was cold outside, it was warmer than yesterday so I threw on this happy outfit and since these Forever 21 boots were made for walking, that is what did! I walked them right into a little last minute shopping downtown. Feel free to mix and match your suit tops with a thrifted piece like my Christmas tree green wool pencil skirt or some jeans for your last minute shopping trips.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Jalen's 7th Birthday Bash

I thought that I would share our very fun birthday celebration with everyone. My son Jalen turned 7 yesterday but we celebrated on Saturday with his soccer team. We were truly living the Suite Life that day!! We started out with 3 hours of Laser Tag, than all you can eat pizza and cinnamon rolls at Cici's Pizza. Then back to my house to play video games and eat this awesome Kit Kat Cake that my amazing 16 year old daughter made. I am very proud of Brandy, she is quite the dessert chef.

Color Me Beautiful

Linda from church and I were speaking about how learning about color from Color Me Beautiful (CMB) changed her friend's life. It broke her out of the mind frame that to be a good girl you must understate your beauty. After meeting with CMB she learned that color brings life to any outfit. I absolutely agree. That conversation reminded me of the colorful outfit I wore the other day inspired by my "Stocking Up on Rich Fall Colors" post. I picked up these teal leggings up from Dots and paired it with my burgundy thrifted wool pencil skirt. To pull it together I added scarf from TJ Maxx and my favorite fall bag from United Colors of Benetton. I love shopping at United Colors of Benetton, especially when they are having a sale.

Shopping for the girl who has everything: JewelMint


Can’t figure out what to buy the girl who has everything? Then let her have her own pick of jewelry she would like, get her a membership for a few months to Jewel mint. It is a jewelry membership site managed by Actress Kate Bosworth and Cher Coulter. They take you through a fashion quiz and suggest pieces based on you fashion personality, there are new personalized designs available almost every month and the membership is the only jewelry club you can get cool items like the ones featured above for $29.99. Until 12/31 if you sign up and us code JFASH50, you can get 50% off one item for a first time JewelMint Customer.


What to Wear to a Winter Wedding

Figuring out what to wear to a winter wedding can be tricky especially if it is too cold just to wear your go-to wedding dress? Don’t fret ,we have a quick list of do’s and don’ts for your wardrobe to a winter wedding.

Description: Description:
Photo of Jenne from the coveted by Nando Alvarez

 What to wear when dressing for a winter wedding:
  • Dress for the location; wear a luxurious coat or jacket with fur accents
  • Accessorize with scarfs, gloves and a fabulous hat
  • Wear tights to keep warm
  • Wear boots or closed toed shoes
  • Wear tea length or knee length dresses in rich fabrics like velvet or long floral prints to add drama
  • Add a faux fur bolero jacket to a sleeveless dress
  • Wear wintry colors like burgundy, plum , with accents in forest green
  • Wear sparkling jewelry that contrast with your dress like a sparkly hair accessory
  • Wear layers so that you can remove a few pieces in order to dance the night away
  • Wear plunging necklines, sequins or high slight dresses. Save those for a holiday party.
  • Wear bright red, yellow or orange. They are more spring related then winter
  • Wear white, no matter how cute you think you or the dress looks. It is just rude
  • Wear goddy attire or jewelry. You don’t want to look like a part of the decor
  • Wear open toes, part of the ceremony may have you outside walking to the snow
  • Dress in khakis or anything to casual
Description: Description: What to wear to a winter wedding - Women's Style Suggestion

Winter Wedding Options by Asos

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Gifts that Keep On Giving: Part 2

Still looking for the gift for someone who has everything, give them the chance to try something new and give back:

1. FEED Guatemala 3 Large Ikat Tote
Flex your green muscle by slinging one of these FEED bags over your shoulder. Not only are they stylish, but these versatile tote bags are handmade by Nest, a nonprofit organization that empowers female artisans around the globe. Made with traditional Guatemalan Ikat fabrics, they are perfect for everyday use. $39 at Lord & Taylor.
2. Comfy Food Salty Turtles
Sweeten up this holiday season with Comfort Food Salty Turtles! All profits are donated to HELP USA, a charity that fights homelessness. $20,  
3. Friends Forever Bracelet
Want to stay friends forever, try Same Sky wrap bracelets, $30 short, $40 long, Made by Rwandan women who survived the 1994 genocide, 100% of the proceeds are reinvested into the company to buy more materials and employ more women artisans.
4.Literacy Travel Posters
Brighten up her home with a futureistic and vintage feel with one (or several) of these vibrant Time Travel Posters.  Proceeds from these posters go to 826LA, a nonprofit organization dedicated to teaching and empowering young people through writing workshops and projects. (, $19.99 for one, $89.99 for set of 5
5. Global Goods Partners for Alleviating Poverty

Want to look fab and empower the less fortunate, try Global Goods Partners as they support women led development inititatives in Asia, yhe sale of these scarves go to the Stubg Treng Womens Development Center benifiting those suffering with HIV/AIDS. These tradional hand woven scarfs bear a subtle Khmer Flower pattern. (, $20).

6. JPF Echo Sysytem
Love Brad Pitt, join Kiehl's on its first totally eco-friendly product, a refreshing biodegradable body cleanser, packaged in a post-consumer recycled bottle that bears a handwritten note from Pitt. You can finally give her a Brad Pitt autograph, and help his cause. All net profits from this addictive new product go to JPF Eco Systems, the environmental charity Pitt created with Kiehl's. (, $16.50)
7. Color Outside the Lines

Looking for Art try RxArt coloring book, $20, 100% of the proceeds are reinvested into RxArt's mission of improving healthcare facilities with fine art.

Holiday Shopping Delight

What do you wear for a day of shopping?  I just stepped out for some holiday shopping and I decided to put on a festive turtleneck and flats to get me through the shopping madness. Thank goodness American Eagle was having a sale: 40% off tops at the outlets.  

Summer Mix Up

We had a crazy break in the weather yesterday and it reminded me of summer so I paired this summer dress with a belt, an Ann Taylor sweater and some turquoise to boot. Don't be afraid to mix and match ladies, take a few of your summer dresses and add your favorite fall tops to make a Suite pairing.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Leather Lady

In a nod to Michael Kors Fall/Winter 2011 collection, I broke out my long camel leather coat from Max Studio and paired it with a black shift dress and H&M belt.  Leather is back ladies and there is not time like the present to break it out!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Suite Holiday Party Attire: Gift Wrapped

I attended my first Christmas party of the season this weekend so I pulled out my party dress. I love this little Jessica McClintock dress because when I wear it feel like a package, all dresses up with a bow. It was my lucky day because I found a very nice consignment store in Fairfax along the way called Chic Envy. I will definitely become a frequent visitor, possibly for some holiday shopping.