Thursday, February 28, 2013

Winter Celebrities Essentials

See what SuiteLife Essentials celebrities just couldn't go with out this season:

  • Soft Pastels- Olivia Palermo stays warm in pale ruffled pastel and lace.
  • Berry Colors- Emma Watson warms the brisk day in winter white, faux fur and a berry delightful blazer.
  • Printed PantsOlivia Palermo prances around in spring florals printed pants, bright blouse and basic blazer.
You can not go wrong with any of these picks. So pick one up and rock your Celebrity Suite style!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Suite Decor: The Brooklyn Home Company

This fabulous 5th Street town-home makeover has graced the pages of Lucky, Food & Wine and New York magazine.  The Brooklyn Home Company (TBCHO) completely gutted this 4 story duplex in Park slope. This monochromatic look mixed with organic elements is chic and tranquil. It is like a sea of white, almost cloud like. The windows fill the room with light and make the space feel so much large. To make the best use of the space TBCHO added a library ladder that leads to an extra lofted guest room in the sky.  The original beams were discovered behind the drop during demolition.  What a find!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Signature "One of the Kind" Style: Career Smart

Diet Pepper is running a Whats Your "One of a Kind" Style Sweepstakes and I thought, Wow, what a great idea!  

Thinking about your signature style is productive question to ask yourself, especially for work.  Branding is an important part of how others perceive you.  Many people will say that they don't care what other people think of the way they dress however the wonder why they have been passed over for the last 2 promotion opportunities.  Self-promotion and being put together matters!  If you have a good sense of who you are it should show through the way you work and put yourself together. Investing time in your appearance tells people that you care.  

Who would rather have on you team on a big project? Who do you think your boss would rather give the project to:

Did you notice that when thinking very quickly, we did factor in  intelligence, age or seniority. It has to do with perception. You can not control what factors that others will use to make judgement call about you or your work but you can reduce the opportunity to make your messy appearance a factor.  If you find your self relating to the first photo more then the second or you question if your wardrobe is keeping you from getting asked to participate in the bigger projects, then take a note from SuiteLife and Mothers Who Work to get you on the right track:
  • Invest in a seasonal capsule wardrobe, which you can rotate on a weekly basis. It should include at least:
    1. one suit jacket/blazer;
    2. two skirts (preferably pencil or skater);
    3. one shift dress; one pair of wide-leg trousers (the strides du jour);
    4. a pair of tailored shorts (they look sleek with opaques); and
    5. three to four interchangeable blouses.
  • Experiment with textures and colours. A cropped blazer or tweed jacket will jazz up a cheap pair of black trousers, while a burnt-orange blouse will brighten up a navy skirt suit.
  • Accessorise sparingly. There’s no place for multiple rings and the heavy gold chains of the 80's in the office. Opt for one statement piece per outfit, like a necklace, a ring, dual-purpose gems – like a bracelet watch – and a pair of fuss-free stud earrings to be taken seriously.
  • Spend time putting a look together the night before. A well thought-out ensemble reveals a lot about the individual. Not only does it say you take pride in your appearance, but it’s also transferable to your work ethic. And it’ll ensure you clock in on time too!
  • Splurge on bags. Designers have taken a vested interest in boardroom accessories. Both Target and a Louis Vuitton’s iPad case, they offer the epitome of corporate chic while Michael Kors luxurious MacBook sleeve doubles up as a cute clutch to take you seamlessly from desk to drinks.
  • Make time for grooming. A daily blow-dry may be beyond your budget, but washed hair and clean, buffed nails are a must.

My signature style is Career Smart!  My schedule and life is packed full of fun and different activities, so I need to know that my clothing is versatile enough for work and play.  It doesn't' matter if I am at work or at my sons school, I do not want my appearance to hinder my ability to participate at a greater level!  Let your one of a kind style work to your advantage. Let people get the chance to know who you are through your one of a kind style!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

CSMH: Printed Scarf

Career Smart Must Have:
Printed Scarf

If you tend to wear dark or neutral colors in the fall/winter, like I do, think about brightening them up with a printed scarf. It can add some needed color, warmth and texture. Check out some of the scarf options below.

(Scarf 1)  (Scarf 2)  (Scarf 3)   (Scarf 4)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Trend Translation: Citrus Color Crush and Statement Stripes

Trend Translation:
Citrus Color Crush and Statement Stripes

This outfit was inspired by 2 of my favorite spring trends: a citrus color crush and statement stripes. The vibrant citrus color adds a fresh twist to the mundane grey days of winter and the flowey feminine silhouettes of spring.  The spring runways were also full of bold stripes of all sizes so when I put this on, I felt fun, fresh and powerful.What trend is making you crush this season?

Get this Look:
Jeans: Dots (similar)
Shoes: Vintage find NY (similar)
Purse: Ross(similar)
Blazer: Forever 21 (similar)
Blouse: Ross: (similar)
Cuff: Forever 21(similar)
Necklace: Bakers
Earrings: Anne Kline (same) (similar under $5)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Career Must Have: Wiggle Dress

We have to say thank you to Madeline for posting these cute dresses from ASOS they remind me of my vintage NY find that you see me wear.  

 $39.58 (Orig. $73.88)

ASOS has quite a few modest dresses under $50 right now.

Here are a few good ones:

As always, I am super impressed with ASOS's selection.

Don't forget they offer free shipping on everything. 

Friday, February 8, 2013

Dressing 4 Your Body

The questioned was posed to Suite Life about “How do you determine your body shape and dress for it”. So we decided to write this post. First your body shape can change over time so adjust your wardrobe accordingly. You can wear whatever you want regardless of body shape, the point is to wear whatever make you feel and look fantastic, but there are things that you can do to highlight your body shapes assets.  

If you are an:

Apple shape (Katherine Zeta- Jones, Elizabeth Hurley)
      • You are bigger on the top half then the bottom half, possibly with slim hips and legs

      • Try: 
      • Try draping necklines, wide V-necks or off-the-shoulder dresses to elongate your shoulder line
      • An a-line skirt shows off great legs and  pull in the waist
      • a tuxedo jacket with a strong shoulder will bring eyes in at the waist

      Pear shape (Kelly Clarkson, Shakira)
      • You have a smaller upper body then lower body,  usually with a waist narrower than hips

      • Try: Dry draping shapes in blouses or dresses for subtle sexiness. It highlight some areas a hides others

      Hourglass shape (Loren, Beyoncé)

      • You are well-proportioned upper and lower body, not necessarily skinny, with shoulders and hips similar in size 

      • Try:
      • Accentuate figure with skirts that come in at the waist, hug the hips and float loosely over thighs a calves
      • A-line looks play down lower half
      • Slim, structured and close to the body pieces with flare
      • Color blocking or add a belt to bring attention to the right places and avoid busy pattern

      Rectangle or Athletic shape ( Cameron Diaz and Reese Witherspoon)
      • You tend to be waif-like and slim, shoulders, hips and waist almost same size, very little indentation at waist.

      • Trick the eyes with details like lace and printed fabric with complexity, use refined motifs a belt to a one piece to trick the eye and enhance the waistline a feminism peplum dress to soften your frame and and dimensions

    Sunday, February 3, 2013

    What 2 Wear : To a Superbowl Party

    What 2 Wear: Superbowl 2013

    Trying to find what to wear to the Superbowl party tonight? Check out these looks!! Have fun, stay safe and look like you are in it to win it!!