Sunday, September 30, 2012

Brilliant Blues

I have a case of the blues, brilliant blues that is.  I woke up happy to add one of falls hottest hue to my career line up and then I got a crack in my windshield driving home from work giving me the real blues. Luckily, I grew up with the best windshield guy in the business, Phillip, owner of Preferred Auto Glass, came to my rescue and saved the day.  He fixed me windshield right at the house, so I was still able to take my pictures for the day. It helps having a network you can count on Ladies!

Get this look:
Dress: Vince Cumuto -$50 at Marshals (same $90) (similar under $35)
Purse: Coach- Gift (similar)
Blazer: LeSuit from Ross (similar)
Necklace: Macy's (similar under $10)
Bangles: Banana Republic (similar)

Thursday, September 27, 2012

What 2 Wear: Gallery Luncheon

Do you have a farewell or gallery luncheon to attend at work? Are you wondering what to wear? In my case, I was saying farewell to a good friend and congrats to another coworker on a new position. Lucky for us, my supervisor choose to have the luncheon at the National Museum of Women's Art. This decadent and feminine gallery is the only gallery in the nation that only shows women artist. If you have to think of what to wear to you luncheon, keep in mind these things:
  • Make a Statement- You want to be noticed but you don't want to steal the show. These events are usually great networking opportunities so keep that in mind while you are celebrating with others.
  • Artful Accessorizes- It is an art museum, so allow yourself get creative with color and artful pieces
  • Girl Power- Play up the femininity with soft fabric and lines.
 Get the Look:
Shoes Mom & Pop Shop - (similar)
Purse: Coach 
Dress- BCBG -(similar skirt)
Belt- Ann Taylor
Peplum Blouse- Marshalls- (similar)
Earrings- Swarovski- (similar)
Watch- Michael Kors (similar)

Here I am at the museum with my coworker Cecilia. Check out a few of there cool artifacts that you can pick up at their store.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Michelle Obama Monday: Wanna Look Like the First Lady?

In early September, the first lady was interviewed by several of the major news networks. For the appearances, Mrs. O wore an Ann Taylor cobalt blue dress adorned with an Alexis Bittar elongated marquis pin. 
You can look like the first lady in a similar version of the dress, in black, available on, here. Wow, beautiful and down to earth!
For the interviews, thanks to
"Michelle Obama: It's Getting Better All the Time" [ABC News]
"Michelle Obama: President Is Not Going to Lose" [CBS News]

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Make Your Fall Fashion Dollars Work For You

Fall is finally here, it is my favorite season!  I love the colors and the endless layers of fall fashion. My friend The Mileage Diva sent me a great reminder that before you purchase those fantastic new boots don't forget to see if you can get frequent flyer and or shopping points. You can visit your frequent flyer program's online shopping mall and earn miles while you assemble your look this season.

In her latest fall post she gives us some helpful milage tips like in order to earn miles on the latest fall styles, visit online retailers like:
  • Nordstrom
  • Macy's
  • Kohl's 
  • JCP
  • Banana Republic
  • the Limited
  • Express
Some of my favorites online retailers for boots and other footwear that offer miles for every dollar spent include:
  • DSW
  • Online Shoes 
  • Piperlime
  • Endless
  • Macy's

If you are looking for fall trends in makeup and beauty? She says to try these online retailers to earn miles while you get prettied up with a new mulberry lipstick (a red lip is so fashion forward!) or eye shadows that play up the multi-toned look.  If it's one thing  or several things you purchase this fall season, be sure to earn miles through frequent flyer or rewards program online shopping sites like AadvantageeshoppingUS Airways Dividend Miles Storefront, or SkyMiles Shopping. Keep checking out the The Mileage Diva for more great tips on how you can make your money work for you while living the suite life!!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Stripes Are So Hot

Stripes Are So Hot!

Mix up the classic looks, and bold accessories with stripes.

One of the big trends this past season was STRIPES, and I mean anything striped. Striped dresses like my Max Studio dress,  and this wonderful "Michael Kors" nautical look, striped handbags, and even striped shoes were and still looking are hot! If you are wanting to be more like Mike (Michael Kors) this week, just mix a couple classic, nautical pieces with a flare a-line skirt or white pants, add some bold accessories and a striped top. Try bringing the look into the fall by adding a long button cardigan or a blue blazer like me.  The results - a chic casual look.

Get this Look:
Sandals: Bakers-$20  (simular)
Pants: Banana Republic Outlet (simular)
Shirt: Ross Outlet  (simular)
Blazer: Ann Taylor Outlet- $30 (simular)
Accessories: Ann Taylor & Claries Outlet (simular) (simular)
Belt: Thrift Store $1 (simular)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Work Wear Wednesday: Lydia's Chevron Chic

Hello fall fashion and thank you London Times and Lydia Abate from Chic on the Cheap for sharing this dress!  It is everything right about fall fashion and that is why I had to feature it on Work Wear Wednesday.  It is warm, rich and work appropriate.  Lydia always chic and puts the best looks together for work.  Like me she appreciates designers who like London Times, take the time to make career smart, versatile and affordable dresses.  If you would like to see a few more check out their fall collection.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

University Style

It is so crazy that my baby girl is a senior in high school, turning 17 this month and getting ready for college.  Here is us visiting Radford University for a college tour.  The 4 1/2 hours road trip each way was a little long, but we rocked out with some great tunes and snacks. On a road trip, you need to be comfortable, so my daughter and I were thankful that we picked up these ELLE shorts from Kohl's and I got a chance to wear my new Nine West sandals that I got on clearance from Marshall's. The shorts were so comfy, stretchy and cute and just right for the heat.  She loved the campus, so it was worth the drive.  I am glad that we went on the trip together it just reiterated to her that she wants to go to George Mason University and I couldn't be happier.  She is my bestie and I would love for her to stay closer to home.

Friday, September 14, 2012

What 2 Wear: Music or Outdoor Festival

Although Coachella has long past, the hot summer days of fun are still here so if you have few more outdoor festivals or music events to attend this summer and you are wondering What 2 Wear, I think bohemian chic. Here are a few other things to consider:

  • Play All Day- These events can last for hours and sometime take you from day to night. So wear comfortable shoes and don't forget a light weight jacket or scarf.
  • Bust out Tough Fabrics- Go for dark denim or fabrics that  you don't mind getting a little dirty. Generally you will be copping a squat somewhere in the park so plan for it. Pick a light weight fabric so you don't get to hot.
  • Accessorize to the Max- Since you will be outside, think of shades or a hat for the sun and a scarf like mine that is light weight incorporated into the outfit but can be used as a cover up when the temperature drops or to sit on as a blanket.
Don't become a outside gathering statistic, a little extra planning can help you avoid showing up in some of the very interesting fashion ensembles that we see on tumbler after the show. Becoming captured as fashion victim at an iconic event is not how you want to go down in history so take a note from Nicole Richie and look bohemian chic.

Get the look:
Flats: Walmart (simular)
Purse: Ross (simular)
Cuffs- Forever 21- $4 (simular)
Dress- Kmart $15 (simular)
Scarf- Ross (simular)
Belt- Ross- Free w/ shorts (simular)
Sunnies- Ross- (simular)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

TT: Color-blocking in Contrasting Jewel Tones

Trend Translation:
Color Blocking

If you haven't tried color blocking, what are you waiting for? It is time. You have all the pieces all ready, so just do it. Pull out a few of your solid pieces that are bright in color and pair them together. Feeling a little bold, then pair neon pieces with neutrals, pastels with primary colors or try contrasting jewel tones like me. Don't forget about the accessories, you can ground the look with a neutral or solid bag and heals or add something bright to snazz the look up a bit.  Feeling a bit shaky on the pairing, just look for pre color-blocked pieces, they are every where now like this one.

Get This Look:
Blazer: American Eagle Outfitter Blazer- $37 on sale (same)
Blouse: NY & Company (simular)
Skinny Jeans: Ross- $14 (simular)
Pumps: (simular) 
Earrings: Banana Republic Outlet (simular)
Watch- Michael Kors- (simular)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Perfectly Pleated Creamsicle

I love how pleated dresses move. Here is my thrifited pleated dress that always reminds me of a creamsicle.  Speaking of creamsicles I am just not ready for summer to end, so I put on the brightest dress I have to scare away the cold fall days. 

Get this Look:
Dress: Ross
Purse: Coach 
Belt: H&M (simular)
Necklace: Target (simular)
Sandals: Macy's (same)

Friday, September 7, 2012

Career Smart Must Have: Not-So-Basic Blazer

Hey Suites, I want to share a career smart must have with you before the summer ends. Ladies, DO wear a not-so-basic blazer, like this striped one here, to pick up the feel of an everyday work dress.  Striped blazers are fun, sporty and on trend.  I wore this outfit to work even though there was nothing special going on, and I had a migraine but just because you feel crappy doesn't mean you should look the same way.  So on a day that you don't feel your best but want to feel a little better bust out a dress in a bright color with an un-expecting blazer, the color will brighten your mood and the classic cut of the blazer will make it totally appropriate for work.

Get This Look:
Purse- Coach Outlet-$60- (simular)
Striped Blazer- (simular)
Belt- Kohls- Free w/ Shorts (simular)
Dress- Ross (simular)
Necklace & Bracelet: Banana Republic Outlet $16 & $10 (similar)
Pumps-Mom & Pop shop in DC- (simular)