About Me

Hey Suites, Welcome to SuiteLife! 

I started this career fashion blog in 2011 after I went looking on the web for a little professional wardrobe inspiration and I couldn't find it. I am over 30, live a fabulous, culture filled life with my family, I have a very, successful career, a great plus sized frame, tons of energy and a passion for fashion but when I have the time and money to look for new clothes I couldn't find affordable, inspiring fashion and fit my age, body type, pocket book or lifestyle.  So I started this blog! 

The SuiteLife is for the everyday, fabulous woman that is looking to take her outfits from the suite to the streets. I am not a great writer, speller and obviously not a model, but I love life and fashion.  So follow me and begin to have some fun with fashion!

I have a very busy and blessed life.  I am a successful career women, mother of three, volunteer and church board member.  Just like me, you wear many hats and your outfits must be able to take you from the executive suite to daycare, not get messed up while cooking dinner so you and can  attend a volunteer event at 8:00.  Look no further, SuiteLife is the place that can help you bridge the gap in your everyday fashion with out breaking the bank or taking too much time.   

Join me and other professional women like myself, in displaying their personality and style at work.  Put that same sweater set, that you have worn twice a week for months back in your closet and start living a brighter, more creative SuiteLife.  I look forward to reading your kind, supportive posts, and previewing your career smart stylings, so send in your pics to living-thesuite-life@hotmail.com and you too can inspire other women to have fun with their career wardrobe.