Sunday, January 29, 2012

SL Essential: Boot Camp

The essential cutie booties to buy this season are all across  the board. I love it when there are so many options. This season I am taking you to boot camp . Here are the top trends this season: take a hike in heals trimmed in fur , boot up with biker boots, stay preppy chic in heeled loafers, stand a little taller with wedges, stay knee high with equestrian boots or trick out your shoes out with some texture. I have listed some affordable fall favs for you to check out:

 1. Bakers-  Chandra-  $39.90

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Snow shoeing it

We had snow earlier this week but it wasn't able to slow me down. When other people were pulling out their snow shoes . I pulled out my F21 high heels and this bill-a-bong cut out tank that I found at Ross for $8. The white snow inspired another black and white mash up outfit. I think this trend is by far my favorite trend of the season, as you can see in outfit number one, two, three and four. Even though they are very different I believe that I might need to get creative with some color.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Good Investment

Buying pieces in this year Fall colors might last you past spring 2012  and into spring 2013 according to Fashion Snoops. This won’t be the last time we see pieces in jade, peony, gerber daisy, red, ink, and lemon drop. Even though pastels will be hot this spring, if you bought or are planning to buy pieces in these shades they will be a good investment. So carry on!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Living without Limits

So I went with my family and friends to hear Nick Vujicic from No Limbs No Limits  speak this weekend. His story is amazing and he is so full of hope and inspiration. Listening to all he has overcome makes you painfully aware that life (with faith) can be limitless and the only one holding you back from reaching beyond your comfort zone is you.  We can and should be living a life without limits.  God gives us Peace, Joy and Love and they are free! We all really enjoyed it. We got a chance to jam with Tabi M., a top worship vocalist and Alden Cruz, the famous pianist. That man’s hands are like the Matrix. I was amazed at how his hands were moving so fast, our eyes couldn’t keep up, it way just like a blur. That man is truly gifted. It was a casual event so this is what I wore.
Here are some things to keep in mind when you are dressing for an event or concert:
  •  What is the dress code, formal or informal? Even though my event was at Constitutional Hall, it was an informal event. If you still aren’t sure about the dress code for your event, check out the website of the event’s location or the speaker’s website for photos of similar events and see how people were dressed. You don’t want to show up in jeans when others are decked out in gowns.
  •  Will there be parking or a long line? Wear comfortable shoes so you can be ready to hike from the car to the show or stand in the line that wrapped around the block, like we did. I opted for comfortable boots and lots of layers, it worked out great!
  •  What is the temperature? It was 25 degrees outside but nice and toasty inside.  In order to be prepared for all temperatures dress in layers because it is hard to get the temperature right in large places. There is usually no coat check and you will probably want to get some merchandise so bring a bag that can hold your coat or store all your goodies.

High on Drama, High on Style

Looking for an outfit with a lot of drama. Go for the classic white blazer and black pencil skirt. Every time I wear it I feel like I have been transported back it time. So Greta Garbo!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Steaming Up the Room

Staying on trend, here is the choker I picked up at Forever 21 for ($7.50).  My husband told me after taking these shots today that I was steaming up the room. What do you think? It sure looks like I at least steamed up the camera. You too can steam up the room to by adding a choker to your every day suit.

Accessory Report: Chokers

Photo of Margherita Missoni, courtesy of Getty; Photos of Jen Brill and Taylor Tomasi Hill, courtesy of Billy Farrell Agency; Photo of Jessica Hart, courtesy of Salvatore Ferragamo; Street Style photo, courtesy of and trend report courtesy of Who, What, Wear

Ready to follow in the Kardashians footsteps and incorporate a marvelous metal choker into your fall wardrobe? We thought you might be, so we found a range of interesting options for you to consider. If you're looking for a substantial style for a small cost check out this choker from  Sears ($17),

and if you aren't afraid of studs, you'll definitely love Topshop's Stud Metal Torq Necklace ($17), which is reasonably price as well.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Fur-ocious Friday

Rita Hollins, my work style buddy, showed up today to casual Friday looking fur-ocious.  From her lush Michael Kors fur vest to her crystal incrusted, spiritually inspired “Believe” t-shirt.  I have to say even though fur is the hot trend of the season I wasn’t a huge fur fan because I just couldn’t see how I could pull the look off without looking too costumey.  That was until Rita walks in with this amazing vest!  Michael Kors well done, it is simply amazing!  From luxurious texture of the fur to the edgy leather buckles, this is to die for.  She looked comfortable, modern and edgy which is a fantastic combination.  As for the T-shirt, I just fell in love with Kingdom Klothes Unlimited T’s.  They make deeply personal and spiritual statement through fashion while remaining modern and edgy enough to wear every day. People say don’t wear your heart on your sleeve, and I say their right,  wear it on your shirt!  

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Navy Blues

I have the blues today but I am not sad. I have the navy blues. Wearing all black is a thing of this past. I got this navy ruffled blazer and textured navy skirt for Christmas from the Ann Taylor Outlet during a 50% off sale. Go me!

Friday, January 13, 2012

New Kardashian Kollection Jewelry Promos! - Kim Kardashian videos, photos and blog: Official website

Check out the New Kardashian Kollection Jewelry Promos! - Kim Kardashian videos, photos and blog: Official website. I like the collection is a layered barrage of chokers and chains done right.

Opposites Attract

Opposites attract, so pull out those black and white pieces and do a mash up. The colors are timeless and cohesive, so any way you put them together they match. Just take two different suit pieces and marry them together in a new way.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Rockin Out the Flannel

The Trend of the Day: Printed Blazer

I know I am a dork, but I am tearing a page from Rebecca Minkoff's runway and going all rock star on ya!  This jacket is one of my new favorite pieces that I picked up for $8 on my latest thrifting adventure.  This flannel jacket zips up into a nice blazer as well. It is comfy and has so much character. I paired it will a black sheath dress that has a built in leather belt. I am always trying to find a top for this dress, so I am glad I found a blazer with just as much charisma as the dress.  I would wear this jacket everyday if I could. I think I saw another one at the Thrift store and if you are interested I might pick it up for my first giveaway.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Trend Report: Printed Blazer

Photo of Whitney Port, courtesy of Getty; Photo of Hannah Bronfman, courtesy of Billy Farrell Agency; Celine Resort 12 image, courtesy of Karla Otto; Balmain Resort 12 image, courtesy of Balmain.
Trend Report Photo courtesy of Who What Wear

The Printed blazer is a perfect way to freshen up your winter wardrobe. This season high impact blazers are adorned in everything from detailed florals to edgy graphic designs. This must have piece is versatile and it will still look chic in the spring. Use it to give you work outfit a modern mix up or your punch up your night out look by pairing with a t-shirt and skinnies.

I Only Have Eyes for You

My husband wanted to get me a Coach purse for the holidays but I had Marc Jacobs on my mind. I love a Coach purse but I was trying to diversify my purse portfolio. So I set out to find my holiday surprise, I looked at 50 stores looking to buy the camel bag from my wish list but I it only took I one look in the Coach outlet to find this jewel. It originally went for $268 but I walked away with it for $113. I can't help it but I seemed to only have eyes for Coach.  

Look of the Day: Over-sized Sweater + Camel Pencil Skirt

Friday, January 6, 2012

A New Year, A Better Cut

Well it is a new year and this year's theme is to be and do BETTER. At what and you may ask, I say at everything.  I might not be able to achieve it but I can sure can try. So my first order of business was to get a better hair cut. The next was a better skin regimen. So here I am with out make up. Katrina from KD Beauty Box, my amazing Baltimore stylist, shared skin regimen with me so I am sharing it with you. To combat winter skin, drop a small amount of olive oil in your hand and rub it on your face like soap. Then take a hot rag and wipe it off to reveal super soft skin. It feels amazing and so will your skin.