Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Suite Life Face Lift- Moving to So Work Week Chic

(photo from pintrest)
I am happy to that Suite Life has had a facelift It is hard to say goodbye to a blog I've loved for so long but after think about it for a while now I think that we have grown in a fabulous new direction. “Suite Life” was my first “blog”, and from there, I soon discovered other personal blogs and it opened my eyes to a brand new world of fashion and fun.  Don’t worry the content and spirit is moving over with us.  I am excited about the new direction that we are going and I think “So Work Week Chic” is exactly the blog that will take us on the fashion journey we are looking for.  This blog is about work fashion, inspiration, fitness, families and fun, so come along for the ride, inspire others with your career smart fashion finds and become So Work Week Chic! Thank you all for following me and I look forward to reading your comments and recieving you Work Week Chic pics and pins. 

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